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The Best Simple Celery Snack Ideas Made Easy!

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When you think of celery snack ideas, it may not sound very appetizing. But it can be a less expensive option for easy quick snacks. For example, celery on average when I purchase it is about $1.50. Slicing the celery stalks into celery sticks is a budget friendly and easy snack to have. And there are ways that can make it more appetizing. Depending on how much you would like to spend, you can add your favorite flavor to top it off.

How do you eat celery as a snack? There are several celery snack ideas. And along with it being a budget friendly snack, it is a healthy option as well. Are you trying to encourage your child to eat more vegetables? Or perhaps are you trying to eat more vegetables? There are some basic ingredients you may already have on hand to help make this vegetable taste even better.

Consider trying one of these simple celery snack ideas.

Best Simple Celery Snack Ideas Made Easy!

Celery, peanut butter and chocolate chips

This simple snack can be turned into a little bit of a dessert if you would like. Are peanut butter and chocolate two of your favorite things? Adding a little bit of peanut butter and some chocolate chips on top of your celery stalk is a yummy take on this vegetable. Perhaps even for an after-school snack.

The combination of crunchy celery, the creamy filling of the peanut butter and chocolate chips make for really good snacks.

Cream cheese and bagel seasoning

Do you love bagels? But perhaps want to try something a little different? Try using your favorite cream cheese filling the middle of the celery stalks. Then sprinkle some bagel seasoning on top. This crunchy snack can be a new favorite to enjoy.

person grating cheese

Cheese please

Do you love cheese? Try topping off your celery and cream cheese with some shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Buy pre shredded or you could shred a block of cheese you may have on hand. Enjoy.

Ants on a log

A fun after-school snack is ants on a log. Children can help you prepare them by adding the celery filling peanut butter and top it off with raisins. Then you will have ants on a log. Having your child help make it, may help them to get excited about trying it. This is an idea as well to help with trying to eat more veggies.

Chicken salad stuffed celery

When having chicken salad, set some aside for part of a great snack. Then spread some down the middle of your celery stalk and enjoy. This is also a great way to use up your leftovers.

Are you looking for a new chicken salad recipe? Please check out my Easy Chicken Salad Recipe for a Crowd recipe.


Do you love hummus? Then another stuffed celery idea is adding your favorite hummus onto celery stalks. Do you make hummus from scratch? Or perhaps purchase it from one of your favorite grocery stores? Either way, the zesty hearty crunch of celery and yummy flavor with the hummus may just become a new favorite.


Cheeseball with celery is something I enjoy. The cream cheese mixture spread onto celery is delicious. If you would like to try a new cheeseball recipe, please check out my hedgehog cheese ball recipe.

A variety to pair together

Enjoy a snack with more variety. Pair up your celery with several of your favorite things. Such as carrots, pretzels, hummus and crackers.

Simply enjoy with dip

Simply having celery sticks with dip is a delicious snack. Here are some dips to consider.

  • Blue cheese
  • Ranch
  • Buffalo sauce
  • Almond butter

After preparing and enjoying your delicious snack, store any leftovers in an airtight container and place in the refrigerator.

Thinking about other times to serve a delicious snack like these? Consider also serving some at family gatherings, a game day or a holiday party.

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