About Me

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Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Amy. I am a mother to two teenaged daughters and have been married for twenty-one years. I enjoy finding new ways to help my family save money while still having fun. I also enjoy finding ways to save time on daily tasks so that I can have more time to spend with my family.

Over the years, some of my family and friends have told me how they can’t believe the money I have saved on some of our purchases. I have been able to help stretch our grocery budget and purchase other things as well for my family at incredible prices. Affording my family extras while saving money too, is a win win to me. This drives me to continue to integrate frugality into my life.

When the Coronavirus hit in 2020, I found my desire to want to learn more ways of being frugal and save money to grow immensely. I wanted to also help my family to still be able to afford to do the things we love when the world opened back up. This is why I decided to start my blog. I want to share tips on how you too can save time and money.

Little facts about me

  1. I’m a night owl.
  2. I love 80s music.
  3. Summer is my favorite season.
  4. I love to read.
  5. My favorite color is Kelly green.
  6. I love going to the Dollar store.
  7. I love thunderstorms.
  8. My favorite holiday is Easter.
  9. I love the ocean.
  10. I have an Associates degree.
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