Loaf of bread with two slices laying on a cutting board and a towel with crumbs laying around it. How Many Slices of Bread Equals a Cup of Breadcrumbs?

How Many Slices of Bread Equals a Cup of Breadcrumbs?

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Are you looking for a simple way to make your own breadcrumbs? Did you go to reach for some and realize that you were all out? Do you have some leftover bread that needs used up? Before heading to the store to buy some, consider making your own. I will share an easy way how to make them. Whether you are in need of a cup of breadcrumbs or even less, this is a simple way to make them.

I have also included how many different amounts of sliced bread you need to make different amounts of breadcrumbs.

How many slices of bread equals a cup of breadcrumbs?

It can be less expensive to make your own breadcrumbs rather than buying them. Not only are you saving money, but you are saving time by not going to the store to buy them.

When making your own cup of breadcrumbs, I have found that 3 slices of bread yield one cup of breadcrumbs, making for an easy recipe.

1/4 a cup of breadcrumbs equals
3/4 a slice of bread
1/2 a cup of breadcrumbs equals 1 1/2 slices of bread
3/4 a cup of breadcrumbs equals2 1/4 slices of bread
1 cup of breadcrumbs equals3 slices of bread
Bread crumbs. How Many Slices of Bread Equals a Cup of Breadcrumbs?

What kind of bread do I use to make breadcrumbs?

There are many types of bread that you can use to make breadcrumbs. Whether using a single slice of fresh bread or several, there are several different kinds of bread you can use. Here are some to consider.

  • Whole grain
  • Wheat
  • White bread
  • Onion rolls
  • Hamburger buns
  • Hotdog buns

How to make soft and dry breadcrumbs

If you would like to have soft breadcrumbs, simply do not toast the bread or rolls. Also use fresh bread for softer breadcrumbs. Then tear apart untoasted bread into small pieces.

If you would rather have dry breadcrumbs, toasting them can help to achieve that. Also using bread that tends to have a drier texture can help.

Sometimes when I am making dry breadcrumbs, not all of them end up really small. Placing them into a plastic bag and rolling it with a rolling pin can help make them smaller. Another option would be to place them on a baking sheet and rolling them out with a rolling pin.

Substitutes to use in place of breadcrumbs

Don’t have any bread or rolls on hand to make breadcrumbs? That’s okay. Here is a list of other food items that can be used instead.

  • Crushed potato chips
  • Oats
  • Crushed cereal such as corn flakes.
  • Cracker crumbs
  • A Cup of rice

An easy way to make a cup of breadcrumbs

There are different ways that you can make breadcrumbs. You can use a toaster oven or a food processor to make them. You can also use a toaster. Using a toaster is what I use for an easy way to make a cup of breadcrumbs.

I simply toast three slices of bread in our toaster. After cooling, I remove them from the toaster and place them on a plate. I use a handheld cheese grater over an airtight container and run a piece of toast over the grater. I continue this until finished with all three pieces of toast. The grater turns much of the bread into fine crumbs.

There are some breadcrumbs that may turn out a little bit bigger than others. I do not mind that. If you would prefer for them to be smaller, tiny crumbs, you can run them across the grater more. When using a grater be sure to be careful that your fingers do not get too close to it.

Another way to make tiny crumbs is to pull them apart more.

I measure out what I need and then keep the remainder in the airtight container to store it.

You can then use the breadcrumbs for a crunchy topping to a recipe. One example is putting them on chicken cutlets. You can also use them as an ingredient in recipes such as in veggie burgers or meat loaf.

What can I add to my breadcrumbs?

You can use your breadcrumbs as they are or add some extra flavor to them. Here is a list of items you might want to add a small pinch of for added flavor.

  • Garlic powder
  • Pepper
  • Italian seasoning

How to store breadcrumbs

When you are not using the breadcrumbs, you want to be sure to store them. Here are a couple of things you could store them in.

  • Freezer bag-you will want to be sure that it is sealed well when not using them.
  • Airtight container

When you are done using the breadcrumbs, it is good to store them in an airtight container in the freezer. Just take out what you need as you need them and be sure to tightly seal them when finished. I do not recommend storing them outside of the freezer as they won’t last quite as long.

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It can be easy to make a cup of breadcrumbs. Regardless of the type of bread you may use including whole grain or wheat, they can turn out well. You can use them in a recipe or for a crispy topping. The next time you are in a pinch and need some, try making your own. Remember that you can use food items other than bread too to make like breadcrumbs. A couple to consider are smashed potato chips and cracker crumbs.

What type of bread or rolls do you like to make breadcrumbs out of? Please share in the comment section.

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